Who is behind Attraction Dating

Aura Kuipers

Aura Kuipers stands for loving relationships.

As a child, she got the opportunity to look at the world with her own eyes. She feels and sees things that make her a great pioneer.

She created an international dating app that brings people together based on their mindset, energy level, and senses by using voice vibrations. She named it ‘Attraction Dating’ after the law of attraction.

She invests a lot in personal growth and lives in abundance and freedom. She went from a florist designer to running multiple businesses.

Her key to success? Be in authentic communication with others and yourself.

Attraction Dating

Attraction Dating aims to match people on their mindset, energy level and senses. I also use voice recordings as a tool to match people because the vibration of the voice can account for up to 40% of the way we are attracted to others. To begin using the app, users answer a couple of questions, and these are designed to determine how conscious they are living and to what extent they are implementing the Law of Attraction in their life, based on teachings from Deepack Chopra. The app then assigns them an “energy level.” Each user receives a maximum of 9 matches a day that aligns with their energy bases on the methodic of David R. Hawkins. They can listen to their voices and learn more about the other person and send them a “heart” to find out if the other person likes them back. If the interest is mutual, only then can they chat exclusively! This way, people are required to give quality time and single-focused attention to find out if they like each other by sending voice messages, videos, and photos.

The company

Attraction Dating is part of Attention Business fully owned by Aura Kuipers. Attention Business registered in Hoogeind 38a 443LZ Leerdam started in April 2017, and Attraction Dating started in June 2017 and became in February 2019 beta version. Aura Kuipers, her inspiration, was to attract true love and created this app for herself and others.